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Brunch at The Union Kitchen - Memorial

My husband and I decided to try brunch at the Memorial location of Paul Miller's  The Union Kitchen  this morning. We arrived shortly after service began at 10:00 and were immediately seated. We ordered a bottle of the easy to find and consistently delicious Roederer Estate sparkling rosé to get our Sunday brunch started and began to peruse the menu. The bubbles were dry, smooth and fruity as expected! We were out a bit earlier than usual so I was leaning more towards the breakfast side of brunch. I was also fairly hungry so I ordered the Ranchero omelet which came with diced char-grilled hangar steak, salsa fresca and pico de gallo along with a side of breakfast potatoes. Our server also delivered a plate of mini-muffins with our entrees. It was actually hard to choose as several items had sounded really good, luckily, I was not disappointed with my choice. The steak was tender and the eggs were fluffy and, most importantly, not brown and it came with a generous but not over

Date Night at Brasserie 19

My husband and I had each had a large lunch on this day so we decided to go to Brasserie 19 for our Friday night out for some Champagne and a little spread of cold seafood. While this restaurant has a fantastic menu with classic brasserie-style French food, we come here often just for the Le Petit Plateau de Fruits de Mer. Brasserie 19 serves up some of the highest quality chilled seafood that you will find in Houston. You can always count on it arriving to your table fresh, perfectly prepared and enticing-looking. On this evening our array consisted of a dozen cold water oysters on the half shell, jumbo boiled shrimp, crab claws, tuna tartare and a half a lobster. We also ordered a bottle of the NV Vueve Clicquot Brut Rosé Champagne to enjoy with our meal. It was listed at approximately its suggested retail price. The wine list at Brasserie 19 is well-known not just for its pairing ability with the menu but also for serving it up at prices that make any knowledgable winelover fee

An Alfresco Evening at Aura Brasserie

Last night, my husband and I enjoyed an early dinner on the patio at  Aura Brasserie in Sugar Land. We split the jumbo lump gulf crab beignets, the mac & cheese and the Wagyu carpaccio, all from the appetizer menu, served up with Willamette Pinot Noir by the glass. These three items were perfect for splitting and quite tasty, as well. Aura Brasserie is run by chef/owner Frédéric Perrier from Lyon, France. He refers to his cooking style as "innovative American with an inch of French".  Check out the delicious offerings at Aura Brasserie the next time you are in Sugar Land, it is a highly recommended restaurant and, unquestionably, one of area's best. Edit: This restaurant has closed as the chef has moved onto other projects. Check out his fast and casual homestyle restaurant, also located in Sugar Land, Live Oak Grill .

A Book Review- A Perfect Score: The Art, Soul, and Business of a 21st-Century Winery

Pour yourself a glass of some of Napa’s finest, then settle in to take a vicarious ride with one of the valley’s most perfect scoring couples. You will feel like you’ve joined them at their table as Kathryn and Craig Hall take turns telling their tale starting in Texas before they met on through the building of their California wine country empire.  A Perfect Score: The Art, Soul, and Business of a 21st-Century Winery  is a story anyone can savor, it is one of two hard-working, determined people who come together first in love and, then together, dream a dream big enough for wine lovers everywhere to share with them.  Available today on  Amazon  or at  Hall Wines . Media Sample for review purposes. Also posted at Wine Thoughts.

A Re-post, in memory of "The Lady of the House - Margrit Mondavi"

As originally seen at . One of the highlights of this trip to Napa Valley was the opportunity to meet Mrs. Robert Mondavi, the Vice President of Cultural Affairs at the winery that bears her husband's name. I was introduced to her at the dedication of their newest art addition. The piece was placed in front of the main entrance to honor the mind that had originally imagined and then overseen all that each visitor views upon their approach. Margrit Biever Mondavi was instrumental in the selection of this bust of Robert Mondavi, a fittingly larger-than-life rendition of the head of the man whose mind had long ago envisioned the Napa that we see today. She discussed with me the initial difficulty in choosing the right piece of art to honor her husband as the founder of the winery. She had originally considered a life-sized depiction of him standing with a glass of wine in his hand welcoming all who came, a memory that all who knew him would have certainly cher

Fruit Bowl Breakfast

In anticipation of the holiday weekend and a lot of indulgent eating ahead, I thought I should start off Friday with something healthy. One small banana with a handful of huge organic blueberries and some sliced organic strawberries was my choice this morning. I also had home-brewed organic French roast coffee with just a drizzle of organic heavy whipping cream for my small luxurious splurge. Organic was the theme this morning aside from the bananas which were the only conventionally grown produce in the bowl. What's your favorite food with which to start the day?

Lunch at Café on the Green in the Omni Houston

I ate lunch at the Omni Houston Hotel's  Café on the Green recently where I had the opportunity to taste Food and Beverage Director, Eric Parker's top wine pick for the Fall along with some of the favorite items from the menu. Just featured in the Houston Chronicle , Eric Parker had chosen the 2014 Etude Lyric Pinot Noir from Santa Barbara County as the wine to enjoy this season citing its versatility and food friendliness as the reason. I enjoyed it with the ahi tuna crudo, the fish tacos and the brisket quesadilla roll. This easy-drinking wine didn't just stand up to these flavorful dishes, it truly enhanced them. Parker has made a highly recommended choice, try the 2014 Etude Lyric Pinot Noir by the splash, glass or bottle on your next visit to the Houston Omni .