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Best Bakeries in Houston for Freshly Baked Bread

 Find the best bread in Houston in my latest article for Houston Food Finder .  Bread from Dutch Fika in the Houston Heights made from organic heirloom grains. The array of  bakeries in Houston  is as diverse as its citizenry. We are fortunate to have numerous establishments making just about every kind of bread imaginable. From longtime mainstays to the newly opened, here are some of the city’s best independent shops to find freshly baked bread to take home...  Read more at

Hakkaisan Sparkling Nigori

There are only four ingredients needed to make sake: rice, water, koji rice mold, and yeast. Similar to both wine and beer, sake is made via a process of fermentation sometimes followed by filtration but sake is not a wine, spirit or beer. It is its own unique category. Nigori is a type of sake that is typically referred to as unfiltered although it has been coarsely filtered to retain rice particles and the lees or yeast which is meant to enhance both the flavor and the texture. The name Nigori means cloudy and is a reference to its appearance. For still versions, shaking before serving, is recommended. For sparkling versions, it can be a bit trickier as the drink can effusively exit the bottle just like with sparkling wine or Champagne if it is not handled gently. The taste of Nigori sake is more rich and slightly sweet so the still version is sometimes recommended with dessert, the sparkling version is more often served as an aperitif due to its more crisp and refreshing nature.  I

Texas Winemaker Ron Yates

As Seen in the September 2020 issue of Galveston Monthly magazine In this month's issue, I talk to Texas winemaker Ron Yates, owner of Spicewood Vineyards and Ron Yates Wines. Ron shares thoughts on the 2020 Texas wine grape harvest and makes some wine recommendations.