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Hotel Jerome in Aspen

My husband has a big birthday coming up and he wanted to celebrate in Aspen with some friends. One of our friends was familiar with the Hotel Jerome and he not only recommended it but also set up our stay. We arrived to Aspen around 9:00 in the morning and we were picked up by Vanessa, one of Hotel Jerome's drivers. She waited on our luggage with us and brought us promptly to the hotel. The hotel was built in the 1880's by one of the owners of Macy's department store. It is a smaller boutique hotel with only 94 guest rooms. It has been fully renovated while maintaining its original masculine Victorian style. We were extremely pleased to be accommodated with an early check-in on arrival. The room was comfortably sized and attractively decorated with a modern lodge look complete with faux animal heads. We freshened up and hit the streets. The Hotel Jerome has a fantastic location in downtown Aspen on Main Street. It is in easy walking distance to the Rio Grande Park, As

Sidewalk Art by Seward Johnson

The Judge at the Houstonian I've encountered several of these gentlemen during my travels. For my own entertainment, I recently decided to photograph myself with each one that I come across from now on. "The Sidewalk Judge" line were the first that I had seen of Seward Johnson's art. This series is a tribute to an earlier generation of men who would while away their hours in town talking to passersby. Each looks ready to enjoy a casual chat should someone decide to join him. Always seated on a park bench, everyone is welcome to sit for a bit and share their thoughts. Each of these reminds me of my grandfather. The Judge in Napa Valley Recently, I came across a different type of gentlemen on the streets of Aspen. His familiarity was undeniable. He is titled "Inner World, Outer World". I liked that thought, the inner world that he enters when reading while delving into the outer world of the newspaper that he reads.  I will be looking for

Summer Rosé from Provence

As originally seen in the June 2016 editition of Galveston Monthly Magazine