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Omakase at Tobiuo - Link

I had an excellent Omakase experience at Tobiuo in Katy, Texas. I highly recommend it if you are a sushi lover in the area. " Tobiuo Sushi & Bar  located in Katy at  LaCenterra  at Cinco Ranch has reopened its sushi bar with new acrylic partitions between the sushi chefs and guests. I was invited to an omakase tasting complete with beverage pairings to check out their fresh take on Japanese cuisine. Omakase translates to “I’ll leave it up to you” and means that a diner’s entire meal will be made up of dishes selected by the chef." Read the full article in Houston Food Finder at: foodfinds/katy-sushi- restaurant-offers-a-worthy- omakase-experience/

First Taste of Ostia - Link

I went to newly opened Ostia and had an excellent meal along with great service. Read all about what you can expect in my latest article for Houston Food Finder . "Last week,  Ostia , which means “host” in Italian, officially opened its doors in Montrose at  2032 Dunlavy.  The name was no accident. Italian influences, along with other Mediterranean flavors, weave their way in and out of the New American-style dishes offered by  Owner/Chef Travis McShane.  McShane grew up in Kingwood and attended the University of Texas prior to his culinary training in New York. After a decade of working with Jonathan Waxman in several establishments around the country, he and his wife were ready to return to Houston and open their own restaurant."   Read the full write up on Houston Food Finder at

Sangiovese - As seen in Galveston Monthly

 In the October 2020 issue of Galveston Monthly magazine, I write about the Sangiovese, the grape and the wine along with its home in Italy. I also talk about Texas now making wines from the grape as well. As seen in  Galveston Monthly  magazine - on the stands now.

October 4th, A Day to Celebrate

For those who enjoy participating in food and beverage days,  October 4th is a good one. Today in Sweden and Finland, it is Cinnamon Roll Day and there is no reason to not celebrate the day, too, wherever you may be. All you need to do to participate is to eat a cinnamon roll. I went to one of Houston's best French bakeries, Mademoiselle Louise , to get their delicious pecan topped rendition. This bakery was also one of my top choices for bread in a recent article I wrote . It is also National Vodka Day in America. The day has been noted since at least 2009. All you need to do is enjoy a vodka drink to be a part of it. I made a fresh tomato based vegetable juice at home by juicing carrots, bell peppers, a jalapeño, a small piece of onion and a lime. I blended that juice with fresh seeded tomatoes and a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce. Blending the tomatoes instead of juicing them makes a richer base. I then commemorated the day be making a Bloody Mary with some Grey Goose vodka

Two Writers, Totally Different Purchases - Link in post

One week ago, I returned home from the Urban Harvest Farmers Market in Houston. I saw on social media that another writer I know had just returned as well. I pitched the editor of Houston Food Finder the idea of a co-written article about all the good things that Houstonians can find when they visit.  The market is open again today as it is every Saturday morning, check out some top picks in this story before you go.

World Sake Day in Houston - Link to article

Today is World Sake Day! I write about the history of the day in Houston Food Finder and share the best place to celebrate in Houston. " Since 1978,  World Sake Day , or Nihonshu no Hi as it is known in Japan, has been celebrated on October 1 — the first day of sake making season.  In Houston,  Kata Robata  is the place to commemorate the end of the rice harvest and the beginning of fermentation . From  October 1 through 7 , this classic Houston Japanese restaurant is offering  celebratory sake specials  to dine-in and to-go customers..."