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Campari Spritz - An Aperitivo Cocktail

Three Italian Products for one great Italian Spritz!   For some at home entertainment and camaraderie during the Covid-19 Shutdown, I joined a Facebook cocktail group with some other wine and beverage professionals. Every week, there is typically a planned theme such as Island Drinks, Gin Cocktails, Classic French Cocktails, etc. Everyone makes a drink and we have a Zoom meeting to discuss what we are drinking. While I haven't been able to attend them all, I have participated in a few. On this evening, I talian Spritz was the theme.   I've written about Campari before in Galveston Monthly, the link to that article about aperitivos and digestivos is here . I will recap it for this cocktail post.   While many people are familiar with the Aperol Spritz, a bolder version can be made with Campari. Campari is part of the Italian amaro family of liqueurs, although Amari are traditionally thought of as digestifs, this one can be enjoyed on both sides of dinner. As I was not wa

Italian Wines with Religious History - From Galveston Monthly

  This month, in  the April issue of  Galveston Monthly   magazine  I recommend some Italian wines with a religious spin in their stories for Easter enjoyment.