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A Summer of Houston Dining in Pictures on Facebook

Let's Connect! Click here to link to my Facebook page. Follow me and see where I'm eating in Houston this summer and beyond, it's going to be good!

Samson by Brian Goggin

The first time I went to get my luggage in Sacramento, my eye was caught by this artwork. This piece is named Samson. It was created by Brian Goggin and is located in the Terminal A Baggage Claim at SMF. There are actually two different versions of these 23' pillars which were constructed from luggage dating from before the idea of airplane flight was a reality up into our modern times. The pillars are supporting the ceiling structurally as well as providing interest to a usually bland area. I love everything about this practical and whimsical art piece!  I also like the title 'Samson'. I think it is so clever evoking both the biblical story and the luggage brand Samsonite.  The more cerebral artistic interpretation is that the luggage represents all of the travelers who have passed through who have actually supported the airport.  Very eye-catching, very fun!

Island Wines from Sicily

As originally seen in the August edition of  Galveston Monthly  magazine