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Brunch at Peska

Though it has been open for less than two years, Peska quickly became one of my favorite restaurants in Houston. I have celebrated my birthday there, eaten many dinners, enjoyed a couple of Happy Hours and a few ladies lunches. Last weekend was my first time to try their Sunday Brunch.

My husband and I arrived shortly after the 11:00 opening time. We were immediately seated and given the lowdown on how this brunch operates. For $46 per person, guests have the opportunity to order some items directly from the kitchen and also visit a raw bar station inside by the bar and a grill station out on the patio. Drink specials include bottomless Mimosas or Sangria for $6, Bloody Mary's and Mojitos for $7 a piece and discounts off bottles of wine.

We decided to start with a bottle of pink Burgundy bubbles and ordered some fish empanadas from the kitchen to get started. We then decided not to sit and wait but to hit the raw bar station. The options seemed endless with a choice of fresh oysters on the half shell, large cold boiled shrimp, pre-cracked Jonah crab claws, sashimi and tiradita, three types of ceviche and four kinds of loaded tostadas. We arrived back to the table with our plates as our bottle arrived with the yummy little empanadas following shortly.

Next, I tried the Chupe de Camaron from the kitchen, it was a full and filling bowl of shrimp soup. From the patio spread, I enjoyed a serving of seafood paella and a cochinita pork taco. Other options outside included Black Fideua, lamb barbacoa tacos, grilled clams and smoked mussels. We were told that the patio offerings change from week to week.
To top it off, I ordered the pancakes while my husband checked out the French toast along with a macaron and a piece of cake from the dessert bar. I considered a slice of tres leche but decided to wait until next time and chose a small plate of fresh fruit instead. There were some tasty sounding egg dishes included on the kitchen menu that we didn't have room to try either.

My take, it sounds a bit pricey but it was worth it! This is unquestionably one of the most protein packed brunches I've seen.
We loved the quality of the food that was offered and the fantastic service. Live music kept the atmosphere festive. The kitchen entrees, the raw bar items and grilled food are all served to the guests eliminating the yuck factor found at some self-serve buffets. There is great variety for the raw food lover and the cooked options assure that there is something for everyone. We left feeling thoroughly satisfied.

The brunch at Peska is highly recommended as one of the best brunch buffets in Houston.

Edit: Sadly, this restaurant has closed.


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