Thursday, April 16, 2015

Touring Maison Ruinart

During our Mother/Daughter trip to Europe, we made a point to visit one of my favorite Champagne houses, Maison Ruinart. I have written about the sparkling wines of Ruinart on numerous occasions so I was very excited to take this tour.

I also thought it was appropriate that my daughter's first visit to the Champagne region should begin with the first established House in Champagne. It is a truly informative tour followed by an equally informative tasting. The wines were exquisite, as expected. I would highly recommend taking this little jaunt if you will be vacationing in Paris. It is a quick trip by train.

Things to know if you want to enjoy this tour as well:
  1. Visit the website at least a month prior to your trip to set up your touring time.
  2. Be on time, not early, you will wait outside (in the rain, in our case) until the exact time that you were told and if you are late, you will be left behind and not allowed to tour.
  3. Dress for cold weather, it is chilly down in the Crayeres.

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