Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sidewalk Art by Seward Johnson

The Judge at the Houstonian
I've encountered several of these gentlemen during my travels. For my own entertainment, I recently decided to photograph myself with each one that I come across from now on.

"The Sidewalk Judge" line were the first that I had seen of Seward Johnson's art. This series is a tribute to an earlier generation of men who would while away their hours in town talking to passersby. Each looks ready to enjoy a casual chat should someone decide to join him. Always seated on a park bench, everyone is welcome to sit for a bit and share their thoughts. Each of these reminds me of my grandfather.

The Judge in Napa Valley
Recently, I came across a different type of gentlemen on the streets of Aspen. His familiarity was undeniable. He is titled "Inner World, Outer World". I liked that thought, the inner world that he enters when reading while delving into the outer world of the newspaper that he reads. 

I will be looking for more doppelgangers in my future travels. Do you have any Seward Johnson sidewalk art near you?
In Aspen

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