Saturday, January 30, 2016

My AeroGarden

As someone who enjoys cooking, I have maintained a small herb and vegetable garden at my home for years to complement my kitchen endeavors. In the Houston area, we have a long growing season but we do deal with excessive heat in the summer and some freezes in the winter. I have a lime tree that produces well and I am able to grow different vegetables all year long. While I keep my array of herbs going pretty strong throughout most of the year, I do have some problems. In particular, I struggle with maintaining cilantro in the summer and basil through the winter.

After years of pondering the AeroGarden system, I received one for a holiday gift last month. I have the classic design LED seven pod AeroGarden Extra. I set it up with the basic herb seed pack. Within two weeks, I had growth across all seven seed pods. It is just as simple as the advertising suggests.

I would recommend carefully considering placement of this indoor garden in your home. The bright lights can disrupt your sleep if it is not strategically placed. I have mine set up in an old desktop computer cabinet which can be closed up.

I will not be giving up my outdoor garden any time soon but I am looking forward to easily grabbing a handful of herbs as needed without having to venture out into the cold or rain. I will keep you informed when I move beyond herbs and into vegetables. As of right now, this is a highly recommended product that is performing as advertised.

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