Saturday, September 12, 2015

Old Faithful Geyser of California

This was a perfect spot for us to picnic in Calistoga. While touring wine country, we ate amazing meals out every night but we ate very casually by day. This park had covered picnic areas like pool cabanas set up around the geyser. We were able to relax in the shade in lawn chairs and eat our lunch while waiting for Old Faithful Geyser of California to blow again. 

We had purchased fried chicken sandwiches, potato salad, a gingersnap and two big bottles of water at Oakville Grocery before heading up north. We ate breakfast there, as well, while we waited on our lunch order. You can always count on them for good quality, fast, casual food. We generally like to splurge on dinner on vacations and be more frugal with our breakfast and lunch choices.

We were rehydrating from all the spitting and we were heading towards Healdsburg next, so, we didn't indulge, but beer and wine are allowed in the park as well. The park is set up to accommodate families; amenities include bathrooms, a little museum, bocce ball and goats to pet. It is a quick spot to stop for wine travelers if you don't mind the casual family scene and if you have an interest in the geology of the area.

It is small and simple but the museum gives a mini overview of the area's geology, important in explaining the geyser but also important if you are interested in the terroir of the region. The covered areas are also excellent for wine travelers looking to enjoy a casual picnic while watching nature's show before moving on to the next tasting. Park admission- $12 per person.

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