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The Tasting Menu at Le Millenaire

During our 24 hour stay in Reims in the Champagne region of France, my daughter and I chose the tasting menu at Le Millenaire for the one dinner that we had time for while there. This Michelin-starred restaurant by Chef Laurent Laplaige offers a regular menu along with the option of different tasting menus, we checked our opinions at the door and waited in anticipation to see what the kitchen would offer.

Though the restaurant is not large, the tables are well spaced in the modern dining room. Dark carpets, neutral walls and white tablecloths add a sleek look to the elegant space.

When in Reims, there is only one way to begin. Though we were touring the Champagne house the following day, we each ordered a glass of Ruinart Champagne, one blanc de blancs and one rosé to start. The magic was quickly underway with amazing bites of deliciousness arriving to the table.

We enjoyed everything though I don't believe that I can describe it all. My favorites were the delicately prepared John Dory fish and the stuffed zucchini flower. My daughter loved the array of miniature sweets. Though the wine list had more than Champagne, we stuck with the local beverage of choice throughout our meal. For the perfectly served, exquisitely presented deliciousness along with a phenomenal list of Champagne, Le Millenaire is a highly recommended restaurant when in Reims.


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