Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Shandali Yoga Towel - A Review

I'm still using this towel and I'm still loving it!
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I received this towel* for review purposes from Shandali's marketing department on Friday, October 24, 2014 right after I got home from teaching my yoga class. I opened it up, looked it over and thought it looked like the towels my husband uses to wipe off the cars-only bigger, I put it aside until my next class. I do like to use mat covers or yoga towels so I was excited to try it even if it didn't look particularly special on first sight.

The next week, I used it for the first time in an over air-conditioned class so perspiration problems weren't in play, I did not get to test it for that purpose. I thought it felt nicer than I had expected. I decided I liked the dark gray color as well, I felt that it wouldn't get dirty looking.

The next time I used it was in an over heated class so I can vouch for its non-slip ability; it is absorbent, your hands and feet stay in place and the towel stays in place whether covering a mat or used directly on the floor. It does stay clean looking as I expected.

I have now used it multiple times in class and in my home practice. It is my favorite new yoga accessory item that I have received or purchased this year. It washes and drys well and it is easy to maintain. It seems very rugged and durable, I can't imagine it will need replacing anytime soon but I would make the purchase to replace it. 
I think it would make a great holiday gift for any yoga lover.

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